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Carpet From The Magic Carpet Factory
The Magic Carpet Factory uses the best and most original carpet and vinyl materials
available to produce carpet sets that match or exceed original Triumph factory products in
quality, craftsmanship, fit, and true value for money spent.  TRF is happy to send samples of
carpet and vinyl materials free of charge to customers making interior trim choices.  Please
indicate colours desired when requesting samples.
A tightly-woven wool carpet material was used to make carpets for Jaguar, Triumph, and
other fine British cars in the 1950's, 1960's, and 1970's (Jaguar continued to use Wilton wool
longer than some other companies.).  In the British auto trimming business, this material was
commonly known as "Jag Carpet."  Over the years, The Magic Carpet Factory has used several
sources for Wilton wool carpet material, an important one of which went out of business a few
years ago.  The Wilton material currently being used is a little thicker than the original Jag
carpet, but it is still tightly-woven and very luxurious.  Fewer colours are currently available than
in the past, but we are working to have special colours manufactured.  This was easier when the
one company was still in business, as the carpet was dyed after manufacture, making it possible
to order any original carpet colour in very small runs, as happened with "geranium," a TR2
colour, in the 1990's.  The carpet currently being used is genuine wool and not a blend as
supplied by some others.  This same carpet was still being fitted to Morgans the last time I
visited the Morgan Factory in Malvern Link a few years ago.
Rayon Loop Pile Carpet was fitted to Triumph TR3A models and to other British sports
models, including MGB, starting in 1959.  Probably, Triumph was looking for a less expensive
alternative to the Wilton wool material used up till 1958.  Rayon is actually a natural fabric made
from wood, and it came along just after the war (i.e. WWII) to replace silk as the material for
making parachutes and ladies' stockings.  It was also used to make other materials, including
automotive carpet.  The nice thing about rayon is that it is not shiny in the sunlight like modern
nylon carpet materials.  Triumph used rayon loop pile carpet in the TR3A, TR3B, and TR4
models before going back to Wilton wool for the TR4A.  Rayon loop was also used in early
MGB models.  As far as we know, no other manufacturer uses rayon loop material, preferring the
lower cost of shiny nylon carpet material.
After 1972, tufted nylon carpet appeared in many British car models, including the TR6.
Although British trim manufacturers often refer to tufted nylon carpet as "shit carpet," it is really
rather nice.  It is not Wilton wool, however, and that is likely the reason for the disparaging
nickname.  Actually, tufted nylon carpet has the same cut pile look as Wilton wool, although
Wilton wool is plushier and more tightly woven.  Thus, tufted nylon carpet makes a nice
alternative to Wilton wool if a less expensive material is desired.  The Magic Carpet Factory has
a good English source for tufted nylon material, and it comes in a nice range of colours.  As
original carpet, it is perfect for late TR6, TR7, TR8, and later MGB, and as a Wilton wool
substitute, it can be used in TR2, TR3, TR4A, TR250, and TR6.

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