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Convertible top boots were offered by Triumph for
covering the top frame when folded down.  Convertible
top boots were originally offered in colours to match the
interior panels and seats.  The materials for making these
in the original colours are not available.  The options are
to use one of the available top and tonneau cover
materials, but colour matching is a problem.  The only
one that will match well would be the caramel tan
(bisque) Robbins or Everflex material which is a good
match to Light Tan.  The other options are not close for
New Tan, Bisque, or Chestnut.
The Magic Carpet Factory can make convertible top
boots out of interior vinyl.  These are not as strong as a
cover made from regular top and tonneau cover material,
but we have sold a number of them and they have worked
out.  As part of the construction of the convertible top
boot made out of interior vinyl, an extra reinforcing piece
of vinyl is sewn to the underside of the cover where the
snaps are installed.  Robbins or Everflex material is used
for the reinforcement so that the snap area has the
strength of the top and tonneau cover material but the
colour of the desired interior.
John Swauger
The Roadster Factory
October 5, 2011
Tops and tonneau covers were always black with the
exception of some early TR6s that were fitted with white
tops.  There were no tan tops offered by the factory,
although we do offer them for those who prefer a tan top.
The tops were originally vinyl, not cloth.  We offer a
cloth top for those who prefer it.
Interior vinyl materials are made in England by
companies that had no connection with the companies
that make the top materials so exact matches are not
possible. Some colours go better together than others,
some aren't even close.
Light Tan Interiors - 1969-70—There is a top colour
called caramel tan (bisque) which is a pretty good
New Tan Interiors -1971-74—This is a darker peanut
brittle colour.  There was a grain change starting in
1973.  We do not have any top material that is even
close to new tan.
Chestnut Interiors - 1974-76—Dark brown.  No top
materials match this except possible Sunfast brown.
Bisque Interiors - 1975-76—A medium tan colour.
No top materials to match this.
TRF has a variety of Robbins, Everflex, and Sunfast
colours in the tan/brown family. The Robbins and
Everflex materials are vinyl as original.  Everflex is an
English material that stretches a little easier and has a
softer grain.  Sunfast is a cloth material that will give a
rich, modern appearance.
NOTES ON TR6 INTERIORS—Options in tan colors—Continued

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