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NOTES ON TR6 INTERIORS—Options in tan colors—Continued
Early TR6 models, 1969-72, were fitted with wool
carpets.  There were two shades of tan or brown wool
carpet originally and binding colours matched the panels
and seats.
For cars with Light Tan interiors a medium tan wool
carpet with Light Tan binding and handbrake boot would
have been original.  For cars with New Tan interiors a
darker tan wool carpet would have been used with New
Tan binding and handbrake boot.
TRF works with a company in England that supplies
two shades of wool carpet that are reasonably close to the
original colours, a darker shade for cars with New Tan
interiors and a slightly lighter shade for earlier cars with
Light Tan interiors.  For those who prefer something even
lighter in colour, we offer a Stone colour that can be bound
as desired with Light Tan, New Tan, Chestnut or Beige
binding material.
Later TR6 models, 1973-76, were fitted with tufted
nylon carpet, probably as a cost saving factor at Triumph.
The same dark brown carpet was used with New Tan,
Beige, or Chestnut interiors.  In the case of cars with New
Tan interiors in 1974, the edge binding and handbrake boot
were in New Tan to match the panels and seats.  In the
case of cars with Chestnut (dark brown) interiors (1974-
76), Chestnut binding and a Chestnut handbrake boot were
used.  In cars with Beige interiors (1975-76), Triumph
varied from their usual method of matching binding and
handbrake boots to the panels and seats. These cars had the
dark brown carpet with Chestnut binding and a Beige
handbrake boot.  At TRF we offer that combination to
keep your car exactly like original.
Because some have felt that the dark tan tufted nylon
carpet material is too dark, we also offer a medium and
light tan in tufted nylon.  It should be remembered that
carpet does fade over time.  The carpet in your car was
likely darker when the car was new, and you may not even
have original carpet anymore.  The carpet that we have has
been matched as closely as possible to NOS carpet pieces
that we have acquired over the years.
It should be noted that the carpet pattern for the TR6
did not change.  Only the colours and materials changed.
This being the case, you can order a wool carpet set for
your late TR6, or a tufted nylon set for your early car.  In
fact, the same pattern was used for TR4A and TR250 as
well as all the TR6's.   Since The Magic Carpet Factory
sells only to The Roadster Factory, we are able to supply
any combination of carpet colour and material with any
binding colour at no additional cost.
New Tan Wool Carpet with New Tan Binding as original.

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