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Originally there were four different shades of tan/brown for
interior panels and seats, two different patterns of panels (with a
third variation on the door panels for 1974-76), and three
different seat patterns. The colours are Light Tan (1969-70),
New Tan (1971-74), Beige (1975-76), and Chestnut (1974-76).
In 1969, TR6 interior panels had vertical lines embossed on
the rear bulkhead panels, and multiple horizontal lines on the
side panels, much like what was found on the TR4, TR4A, and
TR250.  In 1970 the panels were changed, and two horizontal
lines appeared on the rear bulkhead board in place of the vertical
lines, and the multiple horizontal lines were eliminated on the
side panels.  This new pattern remained the same through the
end of production except for a change in 1974 when a
rectangular hole was added to the door panel for pulling the door
shut.  The pad above the door panel was changed from a
moulded part (1969-73) with a finger-pull to a flat piece (1974-
At TRF we offer panels and seat reupholstery kits in
original colours and grains as they would have been fitted to the
particular year of the car in question.  We can special order
colours that would not have been fitted to a particular year at an
extra cost.  In some cases, a special order is not needed
depending on the circumstances.  For example a customer
wanting a Beige panel kit for his or her 1974 TR6 could have it
as it as a standard order as the panels would be the same
specification as those originally fitted to a 1975 or 1976 TR6.
The grain of the material changed in 1973 from what is
known as stag grain to what is known at TRF as longhorn
NOTES ON TR6 INTERIORS—Options in tan colors
Three different configurations of seats were used during the
life of the TR6.  In 1969 there was a high-back seat with a
headrest that folded forward.  The 1970-72 TR6 had a high-back
seat with a fixed headrest.  The 1974-76 TR6's had a low-back
seat with a separate headrest.  The 1969-72 seats would have
stag grain vinyl.  The 1974-76 would have had longhorn grain
vinyl.  The colors of the seats would have followed the panel
colors as to what was original but seat kits can be special
ordered in any of the available colors at an additional cost
1969 TR6 Panels
1974-76 TR6 Panels Shown
High-back, 1970-72 Seats in New Tan

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