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Weekend Special from The Roadster Factory
This Featured Parts Listing was occasioned by the receipt of a thousand NOS
Wilmot Breeden keys, along with boards for displaying them in our showroom.  It
took Albert Runyan a few weeks of spare time to sort the keys and catalogue them,
but in the end we realized we had quite a stock of desirable keys to offer customers
interested in maintaining the last degree of originality.
Along with the Wilmot Breeden Keys, I have included a range of British Leyland
ignition keys with black plastic heads as well as a listing of TRF's wonderful key
fobs with miniature car badges.
If you are like me, you want to have all of the correct stuff for your car.  I had
made an effort to locate Wilmot Breeden/Union keys for all of the locks on my
TR3A, and I keep them on a key fob with the TRF logo badge.  On my fob, I also
keep a Lucas distributor tool which is really a lot like a key, but it includes a
screwdriver, a spark plug gapper, and a tiny feeler gauge for setting points.
Your friend,
Charles A. Runyan
The Roadster Factory
May 1, 2009
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