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Web Site Special from The Roadster Factory
We are proud of this catalogue segment which was extensively reworked by
John Swauger and Karen Border just before John’s retirement.  Small
modifications are made each time it is used, and sale prices were reviewed and
updated before posting again this time.  A very large number of components is
listed considering the number of models, the trim variations within model ranges,
and the colours and materials involved.  In this catalogue, all components for
each model range are listed in one sequence.  Thus, you can easily browse all of
the components for a given model once you have found its section.
Over the years, we at TRF have learned that the best way to handle trim orders is
to have the components manufactured for each customer’s specific requirements.
This gives our customers a wide choice of colours, and the components are always
factory fresh when we ship them.  Customers should realize that the process of
ordering, manufacturing, and receiving components manufactured in England takes
six to eight weeks on average.  Although TRF cannot cancel orders once they are
placed with the manufacturer, we do not charge our customers’ credit cards until the
day we actually ship their components.  We ask only that customers be sure they
truly require the components they order and that they understand there is a lead time
involved, as all trim orders are non-cancellable and non-refundable.
The Roadster Factory sources most trim panels from one famous English
company located in Suffolk.  For certain models, especially for Triumph TR2
through TR6, TRF worked closely with this manufacturer to insure correct designs
and a perfect fit.  Our goal and that of our manufacturer is to provide interior trim
that looks correct because it is like original in as many ways as possible to what was
supplied in the respective models when the cars were new.  To reach this goal,
original components taken from cars were used to produce the patterns, and in turn,
final products were installed back into the original cars to insure a perfect fit.
The Roadster Factory sells a lot of interior trim!  Customers purchase our trim
because of its quality and its authenticity.  I hope that you will consider our
offerings as described in this Web Site Special.  If you do, I am sure that you will
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