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Web Site Special from The Roadster Factory
Introduction by Albert—Continued
knowledge hard to be equaled by other people who know only restored cars.
Other vendors describe components and materials as "just like original" or
"original style," when in fact, they are nothing like original.  Charles often
worried about what would happen as time went by and fewer people had
experience with completely original cars or with completely original parts.  At
TRF we are committed to keeping this knowledge alive.  Although Charles is
gone, TRF continues to offer original quality seat covers and parts for Triumph
and MGB.  And although John has retired, he is still a good friend to TRF and
happy to help when his knowledge is needed.
TRF sells a lot of seat rebuilding components!  Customers buy our products
because of their quality and authenticity.  I hope that you will consider our
offerings as described in this Web Site Special on Seat Rebuilding.  If you do, I
am sure that you will be proud of your finished project and that you will never
have to be ashamed of what you purchase from The Roadster Factory.  A few of
our products may cost a bit more, but you will know that you have purchased the
best trim components in the British parts market place, a factor which will
enhance the value of your Triumph or MG sports car for many years to come.
Albert Runyan
The Roadster Factory

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