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Web Site Special from The Roadster Factory
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Introduction by Albert
This Web Site Special on Seat Rebuilding was written and updated over the
years by Charles.  It includes seat covers, padding, foams, springs and various
other sundry parts you’ll need to refurbish the seats in your Triumph or MGB to
original condition.  All prices have been updated for 2020, but we have been able
to keep them fairly steady from 2019, and if you are ordering during the Semi-
Annual Trim Sale, you can save a bit of money on quality parts.  Since TRF
services several models and seat covers are available in a wide variety of original
colors, there are a lot of part numbers spread over many pages.  Luckily, you can
use the navigation page at the front of the catalog to quickly find the listing for
your specific Triumph or MGB.
There are too many color combinations for a small company like TRF to keep
in stock all the time.  The most popular color is generally black for most models
and we try to keep that color in stock or "on the way", but other colors are
generally made to order and delivery can take 6-8 weeks.  Advantages of made-to-
order include the fact that products are always factory fresh and this gives us the
ability to customize some details for customers.  In addition, more colours and
materials can be offered as we do not have to stock every one.  Although seat
covers and foams do come from the UK, various fitting components, such as seat
straps, wooden parts, or hardware items are normally stocked or manufactured by
The Magic Carpet Factory or the TRF Wood Shop.  TRF sources virtually all of its
sewn leather and vinyl components for seat rebuilding from one company in
Suffolk, England.  For certain models, particularly for TR2 through TR6, TRF has
worked very closely with this manufacturer to insure correct designs and a perfect
fit.  Our goal and that of our manufacturer is to provide trim that looks correct
because it is like original in as many ways as possible.  To this end, original
components taken from cars were used to produce patterns, and final products
were installed back into original cars and onto original seat frames to insure a
perfect fit.
Charles and John Swauger worked personally with our manufacturers and with
other experienced craftsmen and craftswomen over the years to find and develop
patterns as close to original as possible.  They deconstructed trim from cars they
restored and from other sources as well in order to study these components like
anatomical specimens under a microscope.  This work gave them first hand

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