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A Collected Edition of the Web Site Specials Used
as BiWeekly Promotions on the TRF Web Site
Current Selling Prices Are Always Listed Be They Regular
Prices or Special Sale Prices
Electrical Tune-up, Air Filters, Oil Filters, Oil Change, Carburettor Repair
Stock and Alloy Radiators, Water Pumps, Fan Belts, Thermostats, Water
Hoses, Cooling Fans, Overflow Bottles, Heater Valves and Controls
Falcon Stainless Steel Systems, Monza Free-Flow Exhaust, Catalytic
Clutch Kits, Clutch Mechanicals, Clutch Hydraulics, Gearbox Covers
Bushes, Ball Joints, Trunnions, Wheel Bearings, Wheel Studs, Sway
Bars, Magic Rebuild Kits, Steering Rack Mounts, Boots, Tie-rod Ends,
Steering Column Repair, High Performance
Leaf Springs, Coil Springs, Bushes, Trailing Arm Components, Lever
Shocks, Tube Shocks, Sway Bars
Coil Springs, Lever Shocks, Stock, Woodhead, and Koni Tube Shocks
Master Cylinders, Servos, Brake Discs, Brake Pads, Drums, Shoes,
Wheel Cylinders, Repair Kits, Pedal Pads, Hydraulic Fluid,
Handbrake Details
Components for Rebuilding at Home
New India Wheels, New Dayton Wheels, Splined Hubs, Knock-offs,
Thor Hammers, Knock-off Spanners, Lifting Jacks
Head Lamps, Parking and Signal Lamps, Tail Lamps, Sundry Lamps,
Lamp Gaskets, Bulbs, Wiring Leads
Dash Knobs and Switches, Steering Column Switches, Horn Buttons,
Foot Switches, Overdrive Switches, Battery "Kill" Switches, Cables
for Bonnet Latch, Choke and Heater Control
Complete Listing of Main Harnesses, Supplementary Harnesses, Wiring
Leads, Fuse Boxes for all Models Served by The Roadster Factory
Original, Replica, and Repro Sheet Metal Components, Including Floors,
Fenders, Bonnets, Trunk Lids, Valances, Rocker Panels, Etc., and
Body Mounting Kits
Grilles, Bumpers, Bumper Mountings, Head Lamp Rims, Chromed
Hinges, Fender Bead, Body Side Strips, Windscreen Trims, Lamp
Rims, Wheel Nuts
Rubber Seals, Fuzzy Seals, Windscreen Seals, Bonnet and Trunk Lid
Seals, Door Seals, Moulded Boots, Rubber Grommets and Plugs
Nut and Bolt Kits, Fender Mounting Kits, Snaps and Studs, Hinges for
Doors and Lids, Prop Rods, Door Handles, Window Cranks, Mirrors,
Interior Mirrors, and More
Complete Listings of Genuine Cloisonne Badges, Chromed Letters,
Label Badges, Body Transfers, and 3M Body Striping Kits
Listing of Available Commission Number Plates, Air Cleaner Labels,
and Other Original Branding Labels, and Legal Notifications
Wool, Rayon Loop, and Tufted Nylon Carpet Sets to Match Most Factory
Interior Colours, Trunk Mats in Black Hardura and Carpet Material
Door Trim Panels and Other Interior Trim Panels in Original Colours
and Materials, Plus Related Components, Hardware, and Installation
and Sun Visors
Crash Pads for Models with Crash Pads, Materials for Dash Restoration,
and Sun Visors in Correct Patterns and Materials
Seat Reupholstery Kits, Seat Foam Kits, Back Strap Kits and Rubber
Diaphragms, Hardware, and New Seat Frames in Some Cases
Lap Belts, Static Belts, and Inertia Reel Seat Belts in Most Original
Interior Colours
Convertible Tops and Tonneau Covers from Robbins Auto Top
Company, Boots and Side Curtains from The Magic Carpet Factory
Components for Maintenance and Restoration of Factory Hard Tops
for TR2, TR3, TR4, TR4A, TR250, TR6, Spitfires, and MGB, Including
Installation Hardware, Rubber Seals and Fuzzy Seals, Headliners,
and Windows
Poly-Cotton Dust Covers, Technalon All-Weather Car Covers, Luxurious
Flannel-Lined Car Covers, and "Weather Shield’ Car Covers in Green,
Red, Black, Yellow, Dark Blue, and Light Blue
Parts to Improve Engine, Drive Train, Steering, Suspension, Brakes,
Plus Books and Manuals on How to Do It...
© The Roadster Factory
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