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The Roadster Factory Web Site Catalogue
Introduction by Charles
This Web Site Catalogue is a collection of "Web Site Specials" which have appeared on the TRF
web site over the past seven months on a weekly basis.  Each of the web site specials is used a
couple of times each year, and it is updated in various ways each time it is used.  In addition, new
sections are written each year to extend the coverage of components for the Triumph and MG sports
car models serviced by The Roadster Factory as time goes on.
Together, the various sections collected into this edition of TRF’s web site catalogue provide a
wide coverage of components in an informal and easy-to-use format.  There are still many gaps in
this coverage, but they are being filled in gradually as new sections are developed.  This web site
catalogue is not the only coverage provided by TRF, and you will find single model catalogues for
many models as you explore the web site.
We have created a new Master Navigation Page for the collected Web Site Specials.  Each
individual Web Special has a Navigation Page but the Master Navigation Page lists all of the
individual Web Specials in order.  If you are browsing through any individual Web Special, you can
return to its navigation page by clicking on the black arrow symbol.  You can return to the Master
Navigation Page by clicking on the red arrow symbol that appears on every web page in each
individual Web Special.  You can also find each Web Special by using the drop down menu at the
top of each Web Special page, or look for "Live Catalogues" then "Web Site Catalogue" in the main
navigation bar where you find the "Home" button.
Users are urged to subscribe to TRF’s e-mail newsletter which is distributed almost every week,
as the newsletter is my primary method of communicating with TRF customers and friends.  In
addition to various TRF news and parts information, the newsletter communicates many promotions
throughout the year.  These are designed to save customers money and to increase sales at TRF.
TRF is a business, but it is also an essential service for Triumph and MGB enthusiasts.  I never like
to think of my company as an operation which deals with customers only to make sales and profits.
We are British parts suppliers because we know, love, and enjoy British cars.  My goal is to make a
living by running my company and to do as much good as I can for the British car hobby in the
process.  TRF is a successful business because it is a partnership between a committed supplier of
high-quality parts and dedicated enthusiasts of the models for which parts are supplied.
I hope that customers will be able to use this catalogue easily and effectively.  The format was
devised by myself with help from Karen Border, my artist and designer, and Don Erickson, who
handles most of the technical aspects of presenting my material on the web site.  I write, Karen
designs, and Don makes it accessible to you.
Thank you for visiting the TRF web site.  I hope that this Web Site Catalogue will help to fill
your needs as an enthusiast of Triumph and MG sports cars, and I hope to hear from you again soon
Charles A. Runyan
The Roadster Factory
July 31, 2018
© The Roadster Factory

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