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Just spend $850.00 on your car at TRF during each calendar year, and
The Roadster Factory will pay your club dues.  For this year, you can go
retroactively back to January 1st.  Our computer system keeps track of
annual sales, starting on January 1st, and the number it provides is the one
we use.
We at The Roadster Factory believe in the standards fostered by club
membership, concours judging, and participants’ choice judging.  No one
believes that thousands of cars should all be returned to showroom condition
with every label in place and never driven.  Neither is it good for the cars to
get too far away from what they were meant to be, although it is sometimes
interesting to see how far one can go in the directions of performance or
safety.  Helping to maintain the overall originality of many cars is one of the
most important club functions, just as providing parts that meet original
quality standards and appearance is one of the most important functions of a
parts supplier.  Providing opportunities for enthusiasts to club together with
other like-minded enthusiasts is an important function of both clubs and
parts suppliers.
We pay club dues because we want the clubs to reach as many interested
enthusiasts as possible and because we hope customers will buy from The
Roadster Factory because we support their clubs.  When you think you have
spent $850.00 during a calendar year, please phone Dan Mabon in TRF Sales
(800-678-8764), and he will check our records and then take steps to pay
your dues to the club of your choice.
·  Vintage Triumph Register
·  Triumph Register of America
·  American MGB Association
·  Either New Club Member or Renewal
“All You Have to Do Is to Spend $850.00 in a
Calendar Year”

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