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I haven't used this sale listing very much, as I had hoped to get
time to update it, and I nearly just discarded it, but I wanted to include
TR7, TR8 models in the current Featured Model Sales.  Therefore, I
dusted it off, and I am posting it again with plans to update it in the future,
indeed, updated.  I will tell you below some things that are included,
and if you read the next few paragraphs, you can decide if you want
to take a good look at the listings...
This list does have some value.  There are some good listings on
tune-up, including filters and Pertronix electronic ignition updates.
The best carburettor kits are listed along with a collection of emission
fittings you might not find elsewhere.  You will find listings for some
cooling hoses and thermostats.  Some miscellaneous exhaust pipes are
listed along with a number of different catalytic converters for both
TR7 and TR8.  These are old stock original.  You will also find
universal joints, suspension bushes, and ball joints.  EBC "Green
Stuff" brake pads are listed along with stock rear shoes.  Gear
reduction starters are listed along with other electrical components,
including some lamps and lenses.  A few factory original wiring
harnesses are included—items that owners of other models would die
Out of breath, so starting a new paragraph.  Black hardura trunk
mats are listed for all variations.  These were copied from original
parts by The Magic Carpet Factory, and in the same section, you will
find original black plastic sill plates of which we once purchased a
special run.  Another product of The Magic Carpet Factory is
convertible top boots, made in three fabric choices from inexpensive
vinyl up to Sunfast canvas.  There are a lot of little body fittings of
interest to anyone restoring a car and several body badges and
transfers.  Some of the transfers are still original, but they still work
well.  A long time ago, TRF manufactured replicas of many of the
information labels installed in various locations on the cars, and we
still keep these in stock.  We also list the Tex brand door mirrors as
original in both black and silver.  And we have available the original
interior mirror head which installs easily on your old mirror stem.
Another new paragraph.  You will also find some shop manuals,
and factory parts catalogues.  And TRF still has in stock some original
Triumph sales literature, including some very nice sales brochures for
late TR7.  These are likely to gain value as the years pass, and they
make a nice addition to car show displays.  You will also find some
unique key fobs with cloisonne badges and original dealer license
plates for TR7 designed with the "wedge" motif.  And listings are
included for TRF's unique Triumph baseball caps in four colours.
At the end of the file, you will also find some consumables listed,
including "GL4" gear lube, Lucas fuel stabilizer to preserve ethanol
fuels during storage, and our Pennsylvania engine oils designed for
classic cars with flat valve tappets.  Many enthusiasts will use nothing
This sales catalogue is not my best work, and for this, I apologize.
However, if you have read the paragraphs printed above, you will
know that the list might include some things you can use.  Please take
a look—you might find something you want at a price you can't turn
Charles A. Runyan
The Roadster Factory
October 12, 2017

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