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thread that runs all the way through the story of our company.  Our first TR250,
TR6 catalogue in 1980 got our company off to a wonderful start.  The
"Stanpart" catalogue and the "Silver Bullet" catalogues of the mid-1980's kept
us going, and the big "engineering lists" of the early 1990's set us apart as the
most serious company in the British parts trade.  Then the two glove box
catalogues of 2004-2005 and 2007, of which the present publication is the third
edition, launched us into a new era.  The glove box catalogues are both
innovative and useful as printed catalogues.  The thousands of coloured
drawings make it beautiful, and the many small parts sections work wonderfully
as a web site format.
The Roadster Factory had only dabbled in the internet prior to the
publication of the TR250, TR6 glove box catalogues, but in the ten years since
the first one was published, we have managed to harness a great deal of power
in a quiet way.  This is thanks in large measure to Don Erickson, our Web
Wizard, who made the TR250, TR6 Glove Box Catalogues come alive on the
web site, providing a parts listing that was simple and easy to use for our
customers and cost-effective for a little company to afford.  In the ten years
since the first TR250, TR6 Glove Box Catalogue was posted on the internet,
orders received online have risen to 85% of the total, and 2014 was the biggest
year of internet sales so far.  The single day of most internet orders so far came
toward the end of March 2014.
The new edition of the TR250, TR6 Glove Box Catalogue in which you are
reading this introduction is improved in many ways over the previous edition.
Many more parts are listed in many more sections, mistakes have been
corrected, the drawings have been vastly improved, and a good deal of colour
has been added.  I continue to write most every word in this edition, but many
others have worked in other ways to make this catalogue as good as it can be.
Karen Border is responsible for all of the page design, art, layout, and
typesetting.  John Swauger and Dave Hagenbuch have contributed many hours
of parts research, proofreading, and checking to insure that everything works.
Albert Runyan and John Swauger worked on parts sourcing and computer
documentation.  Dolly LaRock worked with me on pricing and updating the
TRF mainframe computer, while Will Jones prepared the pricing for the internet.
Thanks to all TRF staff members for helping to make this catalogue possible,
and thanks to The Roadster Factory's many friends, customers, and suppliers
who make it possible for this company to exist as a successful business.
Everyone at TRF is happy to have produced the third edition of our Triumph
TR250, TR6 Glove Box Companion early enough in the year for it to be
available to customers during the busiest months ahead.  You may be assured
that we are at our stations and ready to serve you as you own, drive, maintain,
and restore your magical Triumph sports car.
Charles A. Runyan
The Roadster Factory
April 19, 2015

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