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Catalogue Cover
Introduction by John Swauger
Ignition Tune-up
Engine Rebuilding
Engine Lubrication
Fuel System
Exhaust System
Drive Shaft and Rear Axle Universal Joints
Differential, Rear Axles and Hubs
Front Suspension and Front Hubs
Rear Suspension
Front Disc Brakes
Rear Drum Brakes
Master Cylinders and Repair Kits
Caliper Rebuilding
Rear Wheel Cylinders and Adjusters
Hydraulic Brake Pipes and Hoses
Hub Caps and Badges
Wire Wheels
Alloy Wheels
Starter Motors
Fuses, Fuse Boxes, Flashers
Generators and Control Boxes
Distributors and Vacuum Units
Lamps, Lenses, and Bulbs
Windscreen Wipers
Speedometer and Tachometer Cables
Switches and Knobs
Wiring Harnesses and Wiring Leads
Battery Cables, Battery Hold-downs, Battery Boxes
Body Mounting Kits
Floors, Sills, and Door Posts
Bulkhead, Battery Box, Splash Plates
Front Valance, Inner Fenders, Rear Deck,
Rear Valance
Outer Fenders and Doors
Bonnet and Trunk Lid Seals
Windscreen Seals, Trims, and Fittings
Door Window Scraper Seals and Miscellaneous
Fuzzy Door Seals and Rubber Door Seals
Hard Top (Surrey Top) Rubber Seals
Rubber Grommets and Plugs
Bonnet Hardware and Fittings
Door Window Channels, Door Waist Seals
Door Hinges, Handles, Check Straps, Etc.
Trunk Lid Hinges, Handles, Props
Chromed Windscreen Cappings
Door Mirrors
Chromed Strips, Fender Bead, and Side
Badges, Chromed Letters, Commission Number
Radiator Grilles
Bumpers, Front and Rear
Gearbox and Drive Shaft Covers
Carpet Sets, Underfelts, Installation Hardware,
Floor Mats
Gearshift Boots and Gearshift Knobs
Dashboard—Crash Pads, Dash Supports, Wood
Dash Panels, Glove Boxes
Sun Visors and Interior Mirrors
Interior Trim Panel Kits
Trunk Trim Panels, Spare Tire Covers and Retainers
Seat Reupholstery Kits, Padding, Springs,
Diaphragms, Straps, Slides
Seat Belts
Convertible Tops—Robbins, Everflex, Sunfast
Canvas —and Installation Hardware,
Webbings, Etc.
Tonneau Covers—Robbins, Everflex, Sunfast
Convertible Top Boots and Stowage Covers
Hardware and Fittings For Convertible Tops,
Tonneau Covers, Boots
Factory Hard Top (Surrey Top) Components
Car Covers in Various Materials
Factory Tool Kits, Lifting Jacks
Miscellaneous Service Tools, for Carbs, Brakes,
Wire Wheels, Suspension, and Clutch
British Hardware Catalogue, Screws, Bolts,
Nuts, Washers, Hose Clips
Consumables, Hydraulic Fluid, Greases, Oils,
Adhesives, Polishes
Luggage Racks and Roll Over Bars
Accessories—Shift Knobs, Key Fobs, Stickers,
Locks & Keys, Locking Fuel Caps, License
Plates & Frames
Novelties—Parking Signs, Travel Blankets,
Baseball Caps, T-shirts, Jacket Patches, Badge
Bars & Badges, Mouse Pads, Bandanas
Workshop Manuals, Parts Catalogues, Owner's
Manuals, Rebuilding Guides, Books for
Reading, Posters
Coffee Mugs and Bumper Stickers
TR4, TR4A Glove Box Companion
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