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December 3, 2023 .
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MGB, MGB-GT Glove Box Companion
Parts Catalogue
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Catalogue Cover
Contact Information
Important Points
Introduction by Charles
Join TRF Car Club
Engine Rebuild Components
Engine Lubrication
Fuel/Emissions System
Exhaust System
Cooling System, Heater
Clutch and Clutch Hydraulics
Drive Shaft Universal Joints
Rear Axle
Front Suspension
Front Hubs
MG RV8 Front Suspension
Front and Rear Sway Bars
Rear Suspension
Master Cylinders, Servos, and Repair Kits
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Hydraulic Pipes and Hoses
Handbrake and Handbrake Cables
Wire Wheels, Hubs, Tools
Stock Wheels, Early and Late
Panasport Alloy Wheels
Less-Expensive Alloy Wheels
Tire Valve Caps, "MG"
Starter Motors, Solenoids, and Alternators
Rebuilt Distributors
Control Boxes, Fuse Boxes, Fuses, Solenoids
Switches and Knobs
Lamps, Lenses, and Bulbs
Windscreen Wiper Motors, Blades, Etc.
Steering Column Locks, Ignition Switches
Speedometer and Tachometer Cables
Overdrive Electricals
Wiring Harnesses and Wiring Leads
Battery Cables, Battery Hold-downs, Battery Boxes
Complete Body Shells
Major Body Sub-Assemblies
Floors and Sills—Body Center Section, OEM
Floors and Sills—Repro Parts and Repair Sections
Body Center Section—Bulkheads, Scuttles, Door Posts
Body Front Section, Underframe, Inner Fenders, Etc.
Body Rear Section, Underframe, Trunk Floors, Etc.
Body Rear Section—Repro Parts and Repair Panels
Rear Valance
Rear Fenders
Front Fenders from British Motor Heritage
Bulkhead Splash Panels and Related Parts
Front Valance (Fairing Panel)
Bonnets and Bonnet Pads
Door Shells and Door Skins
Trunk Lids and Rear Hatches
Roof, Dash, Windscreen Frame, MGB-GT
Body Repair Sections and Repair Panels
Fuzzy Door Seals
Vinyl Door Seals
Rear Quarter Window Seals, MGB-GT
Rubber Body Seals, MGB Roadsters, MGB-GT
Rubber Grommets and Blanking Plugs
Body Side Mouldings
Fresh Air Vent Grilles
Threshold Plates
Headlamp Rims
Wheel Trims and Hub Caps for Rostyle Wheels
Chromed Bumpers, Front and Rear
Rubber Bumpers, Front and Rear
Radiator Grilles
Badges and Name Plates
Original Body Striping Kits
Interior Rear-View Mirrors
Fender Mirrors and Door Mirrors
Bonnet, Hinges, Prop Rods, Release Cables
Door Hinges
Trunk Lid Hinges, Prop Rods
Rear Hatch Hardware
Door Handles and Window Cranks
Door and Trunk Lid Locks and Handles
Window Raising Mechanisms (Window Regulators)
Windscreen Glass and Door Windows, MGB Roadsters
Vent Window Glass and Seals
Windscreen Glass, Door Glass, and Vent Windows,
Factory Hard Top Windows and Seals, MGB Roadsters
Carpet Sets from The Magic Carpet Factory
Installation Hardware for Carpet Sets, MGB Roadsters,
Accessory Black Rubber Floor Mats
Sill Plates (Threshold Plates)
Hardware for Interior Trim Panels, MGB Roadsters
Interior Trim Panels, MGB Roadsters
Hardware for Interior Trim Panels, MGB GT
Interior Trim Panels, MGB-GT
Door-Top Cappings and Recovering Kits
Chromed Finishers for Door Top Cappings
Door Pulls and Arm Rests
Headliner Kits, MGB-GT
Seat Reupholstery, 1962-68
Seat Reupholstery, 1969 Only
Seat Reupholstery, MGB Roadsters, 1970-72.  
MGB-GT, 1970 only
Seat Reupholstery, MGB-GT, 1971-72
Seat Reupholstery, MGB Roadsters, 1973-76
Seat Reupholstery, MGB-GT, 1973-74
Seat Reupholstery, MGB-Roadsters, 1977-80
Seat Runners and Slides
Crash Rail and Dash Restoration, MGB, 1962-67
Under-Dash Liners
Padded Dash Restoration and Repair, 1968-80
Console and Heater Box
Sun Visors
Safety Belts
Convertible Tops—Robbins, Everflex, Sunfast Canvas
Convertible Top Frame Latches, Seals, Snaps
Tonneau Covers
Convertible Top Boots
Car Covers
Factory Hard Top and Components
British Hardware Catalogue, Screws, Bolts, Nuts,
Washers, Clips, Etc.
Books on Racing and Competition Preparation
Workshop Manuals and Such
Owner’s Handbooks
Books on Originality and Restoration
Collections of Road Tests
Original Advertising Prints
T-shirts, Baseball Caps, Novelties
Tartan Travel Blankets

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