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December 6, 2023 .
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The Roadster Factory always supplies
the best parts we can find. All parts are
guaranteed to be free of defects in
materials and workmanship for one year
from invoice date, and we will replace the
part or refund the purchase price if any
item proves to be defective. We can
accept no responsibility for failure of
related parts or for removal and
installation charges. In no case does The
Roadster Factory's liability extend beyond
the purchase price of the item in question.
All parts in stock are shipped upon receipt of an order. Any item not in stock will be
backordered and suupplied as quickly as possible, unless requested otherwise. Charges
for shipping are based on the total value of the order, and the shipping charge is added to
the amount of the first shipment. A small handling charge of 2% only is added for
providing the service of filling backorders, and this is charged along with the
backordered part or parts when it or they are supplied. Again, backordered parts are not
charged until they are actually available for shipment, generally on the same day that
they are shipped to customers.
Note that there are times whent the Shipping Chart found on the inside back cover
of this catalogue may not cover the cost of shipping or times when specific parts cannot
be shipped for free regardless of order size. Shipping surcharges may apply on certain
body panels, windscreens, and tires. The number of items with shipping surcharges is
kept to a minimum, and surcharges were initiated to keep us from actually losing money
on certain products which we stock and sell.
Returns are accepted for full refunds of purchase prices, not including shipping
charges, within forty-five days of invoice date. To be accepted for return, parts must be
in brand new condition and able to be sold again to another customer. Electrical units
and bearings of any kind cannot be accepted for return unless they remain sealed in
original packaging.
We at The Roadster Factory take considerable care in producing publications and in
checking published prices. However, mistakes can and do occur, and we reserve the
right to correct pricing errors and to change prices at any time without notice. Prices
have risen dramatically over the past couple of years, as fuel prices and rising costs of
certain commodities, such as oil and steel, result in price increases from our suppliers
nearly every month. Price changes are made as quickly as possible to the on-line price
list found on our web site, and TRF sales people will quote individual prices on items as
they are ordered by telephone. We will do our best to control the prices listed in this
catalogue through the end of 2006, but our success in this attempt is dependent on many
factors beyond our control.
Our goal at The Roadster Factory is to offer a personal and friendly spare parts
service to MG and Triumph sports car enthusiasts. In twenty-seven years of business,
we have never found a problem that could not be resolved if both parties kept open
minds and negotiated honestly. The Roadster Factory still operates under the age-old
principle of business, being that "The Customer Is Always Right."

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