The Roadster Factory
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March 25, 2023 .
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The Roadster Factory
I have been working on this catalogue for more than two years, and it
contains much of what I have learned over the past fifteen years of
working with the MGB model.  I plan to continue my research, and
updates to this catalogue will be easy to accomplish, particularly on the
internet version.  Individual sections can be updated easily, and new
sections can be inserted as needed.  We will continually improve the
catalogue on the web site, and we will produce a new paper edition
every year or so.  Please keep this catalogue until you receive the next
My thanks to everyone on TRF's staff who helped to make this
catalogue a reality.  These include Karen Border, our artist and graphics
designer, Deb Gawlas, John Swauger, Dolly LaRock, Dave Hagenbuch,
Brent Kettler, and others.  All of these people helped in various ways to
take my written sections and to make them into a printed catalogue, with
wonderful illustrations, with an index, with pricing, with an ordering
system, and with much more.  Thanks also to our Web Wizard, Don
Erickson, as he will make this book come alive on our web site.
Now that we have done our work on this new catalogue, all of us at
TRF are full of hope that it will increase our company's sales.
Everything possible will be done to maintain stock levels to avoid back
order situations for more than a few days, and we promise to do
everything necessary to provide the best possible service to you, our
customers.  When you need parts, you will find us at our stations and
ready to serve your requirements...
Till next time...
Charles A. Runyan
The Roadster Factory
The new MGB
poster will be
available from the
printers soon!

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