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March 26, 2023 .
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 Tune-up--individual Components Continued
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MGB Glove Box Companion
This writer has been driving and rebuilding British cars since 1969 when
I purchased my first Triumph TR3 sports car.  Some of my cars have
been rebuilt from the bare frames two and three times.  I also drive a
battered pick-up truck with a quarter of a million miles on its odometer
because I have things to haul, but I really have no desire to own a
modern passenger car with plastic bumpers, air bags, and computer
controls that I could never understand.  Aside from Morgans and a very
few others, I have no interest in any car made after the last MGB rolled
off the assembly line in Abingdon in Autumn 1980.  It is fitting,
therefore, that my life's work involves me with others who wish to own,
drive, and maintain MG and Triumph sports cars in this new millennium.
Rebuilding Caroline's car, helping to repair the results of several
accidents, and maintaining an MGB for the past fifteen years have taught
me a great deal about how the car is built and maintained.  In addition, I
have also written two major MGB catalogues which required a great deal
of hands-on work to get the listings I needed.  I have also made patterns
for producing interior components such as carpet sets, and I have helped
to test reproduction components and upgraded assemblies.  All of this has
given me a great knowledge and a healthy respect for the concept of the
MGB sports car and how it was carried out by the factory at Abingdon.
Like many other British cars with which I have been associated, I can
also see that the simplicity of the design allows a great deal of potential
for development of the MGB for vintage racing, for fast road driving, and
for other purposes.
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