The Roadster Factory
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December 6, 2023 .
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The Roadster Factory
I remember seeing a movie in 1965.  It was the warm-up movie for
"Goldfinger," a double feature at the local theatre.  The hero drove a
T-series MG, something with which I was in love at the time.  I was
thinking the other day, when my daughter arrived home for Christmas
from Washington, D.C. in her MGB, that even a TC would have been
only about fifteen years old at that time.  Caroline car is already thirty-
two years old, and she drives it every day in Washington, D.C.
Caroline's MG is a real British sports car, more distinctive in many ways
than almost any new car you can buy today, and after thirty years, it still
provides reasonably reliable transportation.  Among Caroline's friends,
her car is absolutely unique.  When she tells someone she has just met
that she drives an MGB, most new acquaintances cannot even picture
what she is talking about.  In fact, this is a very exciting time for anyone
to drive an MGB sports car.
Caroline first began driving an MGB when she was sixteen, and she
drove the same rather ratty car all through college.  College friends made
fun of it until she gave them a ride.  Then, they just wanted to drive it,
and many said they would like to have such a car someday, although few
of them will ever take the leap to own a car that needs so much
maintenance, however cool they think it might be to drive it.  By the
time Caroline had finished college in June 2003, her car was a rusted
hulk with no compression in cylinder no. 4.  She left it sadly at The
Roadster Factory and went to her first job at a neuro science lab in
Washington, D.C. without a car.  Over the next six months, her car was
reincarnated on a brand new body shell from British Motor Heritage.
And, the wonderful thing is that if it wears out again over the next ten
years, her daddy can rebuild it again on another new body shell.
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