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March 23, 2023 .
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Level 1 Sales 1 (800) 678-8764   ·   Level 2 Sales 1 (800) 234-1104
The Roadster Factory
MGB Glove Box Companion
Important Points
TRF's web site has developed dramatically over the past two years, and we
can now depend on it to provide accurate current prices for all components
listed in our catalogues.  In addition, our major catalogues and most sale
catalogues are posted on the web site, and when prices change in the main data
base, they also change in the major parts catalogues and in some of the sale
catalogues.  List prices are included along with any special prices in effect on
any given date and with the dates when the special prices will expire.
Support The Roadster Factory's projects, save money, and belong to a club
with striking T-shirts and logos.  Please see details on page X.
The Roadster Factory Will Pay Your Membership Dues in The
American MGB Association (AMGBA)
Spend $850.00 at The Roadster Factory this year, retroactive to January 1st,
and TRF will pay your AMGBA membership dues or your next renewal!
The sales amount is determined on a calendar year basis from January 1st
through December 31st.  Our computer keeps a running total of invoices
shipped to you, including postage and state sales tax if applicable.  When your
purchases reach  $850.00, just phone and speak with any TRF salesperson.  He
or she will take your information and communicate your renewal to the
AMGBA, and we will send a payment to cover your dues for one year.
Our offer includes one renewal per calendar year per customer, based on
our own computer records.  You must request a membership or a renewal
when you are eligible based
on your purchases.  We do not
automatically provide this
service until it is requested.
It is the goal and the wish
of both TRF and AMGBA that
this service will be good for
both TRF and AMGBA, as
The Roadster Factory runs on
sales and AMGBA runs on
membership dues...
Participant poses with her MGB at
Summer Party, 2005.

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