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December 6, 2023 .
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The Roadster Factory
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Caramel Tan
"All Three Types Have Now Been Perfected"
We have done extensive research on MGB convertible top boots over the
past two years. Magic Carpet has supplied about fifty boots to satisfied
customers, mostly of the latest type, but thanks to various customers, we have
now seen originals of all three types, and Magic Carpet has made them all.
Thanks to everyone who helped. It is wonderful to share in the pool of
knowledge which exists in the minds of long-term enthusiasts. The study of
MG's and Triumphs is like an academic subject, and part of TRF's job is to
gather knowledge and preserve it for everyone. I don't know how many of you
realize that I was once a university librarian.
Note that if you have fitted inertia-reel seat belts to an earlier MGB, you
may want to also use the late convertible top boot which has cut-outs for the
belts rather than a solid skirt the whole way across.
Please feel free to request free material and colour samples. Please state
materials and colours required when requesting samples...
Note: Printed colours
are an approximation of
actual top material.
Free material samples
available on request.
Robbins Material
Robbins material is
high-quality top material
made in the U.S. with a
grain and look similar to
original material used on
British cars.

Robbins Colours:
Black, white, khaki tan,
caramel tan; add $25.00
for khaki tan.
British Everflex Vinyl
Everflex is the highest
quality vinyl material
available for British tops
and tonneau covers.

Everflex Colours:
Black, white, khaki tan
caramel tan; add $25.00
for red, blue, green.
maroon, cream, grey, or
dark brown
Sunfast Canvas Material
Sunfast is a modern canvas
material layered with rubber
and cotton backing. Very high
quality, long life, resistance to
fading, flexible. Classic look.

Sunfast Colours:
blue, tan, brown, sand,
beige, redberry, grey, or

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