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March 21, 2023 .
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 Seat Reupholstery Kits, MGB-GT Only, 1971-72  Seat Reupholstery Kits, MGB-GT Only, 1971-72--continued  Seat Reupholstery Kits, MGB Roadsters, 1973-76--continued  Seat Reupholstery Kits, MGB-GT Only, 1973-74  Seat Reupholstery Kits, MGB-GT Only, 1973-74--continued  Seat Reupholstery Kits, MGB Roadsters, 1977-80  Seat Runners And Slides  Dash And Crash Rail Restoration, 1962-67 Models
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The Roadster Factory
ROADSTERS, 1973-76
These seats have "basketweave" center panels and smooth sides.
Horizontal pleats are formed by heat-welded stitching across the center and
outer panels. Earlier seats in this range varied slightly from this pattern, but
components listed here will fit those seats. Components listed in this section
will allow complete rebuilding of seats to like-new condition. Literally,
everything is available to put seats into perfect condition. Colours, materials,
and textures are as original. Free material samples are available upon request.
When requesting material samples, please specify colours desired, along with
the year and model of your car.

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