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March 29, 2023 .
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MGB Glove Box Companion
Carpet sets are lovingly manufactured by The Magic Carpet Factory in its
small sewing factory where each carpet set is cut by hand to carefully-made
patterns. Gearbox cover carpets and battery shelf carpets are fabricated on jigs
made from steel body sections with underfelt glued to the carpet and shaped to
the jigs. Edges are bound as original, and fibreboard pieces are installed on
toe-board carpets as original.
Anyone who tells you that fitting an MGB carpet set is an easy task is lying.
However, this job is not beyond the abilities of anyone with patience, and it will
take eight to twelve hours or possibly two weekend afternoons. Easy to follow
instructions are included with each carpet kit, and kits also come with underfelts
and a full set of installation hardware for the carpet set. Because Magic Carpet
manufactures its carpet sets on original body jigs, the gearbox carpet and battery
shelf carpets do fit perfectly, and this does make the job easier. Moulding carpet
onto sills and rear wheel arches does take time and patience, however.
Rayon Loop Pile Carpet
This is a higher quality loop pile carpet with low nylon content and high
rayon content. Rayon is a natural material made from wood fibres which does
not shine in the sun like cheap nylon carpets. Rayon loop pile was used on
British cars from the late 1950's through the late 1960's, and it looks best on
earlier MGB models, possibly up through 1974 models with chromed bumpers.
Tufted Nylon Carpet
This is an English carpet material introduced around 1972 to replace the cut
pile look of Wilton wool carpets at a much lower cost. Tufted nylon carpet
looks best in later MGB models, perhaps those from 1974-80 with rubber
Wilton Wool Carpet
The Magic Carpet Factory has Wilton wool carpet made to order in England,
and a range of exclusive colours has been developed, including a bright cherry
red and a number of different tans that go well with autumn leaf and champagne
interiors. Wilton wool carpet will add a touch of British luxury to any MGB
sports car, and if you want to add quality to your car, this would be a wonderful
way to go.
Underfelt Materials
Magic Carpet offers a choice of jute underfelt as used traditionally in British
cars and modern synthetic underfelt. Jute may be a component of that
wonderful smell which one always finds in unrestored British cars. Both
materials have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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