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March 29, 2023 .
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MGB Glove Box Companion
MGB cylinder
heads crack, and we
often must examine two
or three used ones
before we find one
worth rebuilding.
Sometimes, the cracks
are not found until the
heads go out for magnafluxing and machining. Therefore, we prefer to rebuild
customers' old units, and customers should carefully examine their old heads for
cracking before sending them in for rebuilding. Cracks often appear between
the spark plug holes and the combustion chambers, and a bad sign is water
seeping between the head and the head gasket. Checking with the naked eye
does not always identify a problem, but preliminary checking can avoid
shipping charges on a worthless head.
Heads are rebuilt to a high standard, They are cleaned to bare metal inside
and out. They are lightly machined to insure that they are flat, and they are
updated with hardened seats and bronze guides needed for use with unleaded
fuel. Brand new valves and springs are always fitted. Core plugs are always
replaced, and heads are refinished in the correct paint colour before shipping.
We will rebuild any MGB head for which the customer can provide an
uncracked bare head.
Part No.
No. Off List Price Your Price
Cylinder Head,
with valves and springs, fits
1968 up to 1974, with twin carbs; factory
rebuilt unit
Cylinder Head,
with valves and springs, fits
1974-80, with single carb, factory rebuilt unit
You will have noted that short
engines and cylinder heads are listed
above. Complete engine assemblies
are also supplied to customers specific
orders, and we have been known to provide even complete engines with
gearboxes and overdrive units. Engines can be supplied with heads installed
and torqued along with push rods and rocker gear. Engines can be supplied
along with balanced flywheels and clutches installed. Engines can be supplied
with water pumps, manifolds, carburettors, distributors, etc. The charge for a
complete engine assembly is the price of a short block, plus the price of a
cylinder head, plus the retail prices of all additional components and an hourly
charge for the additional fitting work. Considering the level of the
craftsmanship provided and the experience of our mechanics, our shop rate of
$45.00 per hour is very reasonable.

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