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March 21, 2023 .
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The Roadster Factory
Short engines are
completely disassembled,
and all parts normally
reused are evaluated. All
parts are cleaned down to
bare metal, and all
hardware and plugs are
removed from blocks, etc.
Blocks are rebored, usually
to .020-inch oversize.
Crankshafts are ground to the largest possible undersize, connecting rods are
rebuilt, and cams are reprofiled. New or perfect used timing gears are fitted.
Note that many good used parts are better than some reproductions currently
available. Pistons, rings, bearings, timing chains, tensioners, tappets, oil
pumps, and gaskets are replaced with new. Short engines are supplied with oil
pans and timing covers installed. Before assembly, all rotating components are
balanced to provide a smoother-running engine. All parts are perfectly clean,
and all assembly and fitting are done to the highest standards we can provide.
Units are painted in original colours. All of this adds up to what has been
called a "blueprinted engine," and considering that only the best parts are used
along with many hours of painstaking craftsmanship, the price is a genuine
bargain. Properly cared for a rebuilt engine from C.A.R. Components will
provide many years of trouble-free service.
Although we have some old units available for rebuilding, we prefer to
rebuild customers' old engines to insure that they are correct in every way for
their cars. If specific component parts of the customer's old unit cannot be
reused, we will be in contact, and we will attempt to replace such components
with good used ones at a reasonable cost. We will rebuild any MGB engine for
which we can find parts. If you have any questions regarding a rebuilt short
engine, please contact us by phoning the TRF sales lines.
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Short Engine Unit,
three main bearings,
1962-65; factory rebuilt unit
Short Engine Unit,
five main bearings,
1965-67; factory rebuilt unit
Short Engine Unit,
five main bearings,
1967-71; factory rebuilt unit
Short Engine Unit,
five main bearings,
Short Engine Unit,
five main bearings,

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