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March 23, 2023 .
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 New Points Type Distributors Now Available For MGB, 1962-71  Oil Filters Air Filter Elements  Factory Rebuilt Short Engines  MGB Cylinder Heads Complete Engine Assemblies  Engine And Gearbox Mountings  Upper And Lower Engine Gasket Sets  Individual Engine Gaskets Engine Oil Seals  Engine Lock Tabs
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MGB Glove Box Companion
C.A.R. Components is The
Roadster Factory's mechanical
rebuild shop. C.A.R.
Components exists to provide
our customers with high-quality
rebuilt engines, gearboxes, diffs,
carbs, steering racks, MGB
steering swivels, brake calipers,
and other components. Rebuilt
components from C.A.R. can help
the do-it-yourself enthusiast to
complete most work on his or her
MGB. Most enthusiasts can
remove major components such as
engines from the car, but they may
not have the expertise to do the specialized work of rebuilding them.
That is where C.A.R. Components comes in. Simply send your old unit in for
rebuilding, and it will be rebuilt to look and function like brand new. Engines
take about eight weeks. Small units can happen much quicker. We like to
rebuild the customer's old unit whenever possible, as this insures that it will
be the correct one for the car. In the case of engines, gearboxes, and rear
axles, it is also better to keep original serial numbers to maintain the value of
the car. All units rebuilt by C.A.R. Components come with a one-year or
twelve-thousand miles warranty. We rebuild or replace any unit that fails due to
defects in materials or workmanship during the warranty period. Warranty is
void on any unit run without oil or any engine component that fails because the
engine was overheated. Make sure that all accessory items are clean and in
proper working order before fitting them along with a rebuilt engine. This
includes fuel tank, fuel pump, carbs, radiator, water pump, thermostat, etc. Fill
units with oil before running. Warranty does not include cost of removal or
replacement or failure of related components. Warranty does not apply to
components used in competition events.
Our warranty is better than those offered by most local shops, and you will
like the personal attention you receive from C.A.R. Components. We are
enthusiasts too, and we want your car to perform for you...

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