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March 25, 2023 .
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The Roadster Factory
"Large Components Available from British Motor Heritage on
Special Order"
An important by-product of the MGB body shell project at British Motor
Heritage is the availability of sub-assemblies of components for use in the repair
of body shells badly damaged by rust or by accidents. These sub-assemblies as
listed in this section are built on the same jigs used to build complete body shells,
and they can be depended upon to be straight, square, and true in every way.
Sub-assemblies have the advantages over complete body shells of being
smaller and lighter, making them easier and less expensive to ship without as
much fear of minor dings and dents that destroy outer body panels. They will
generally be shipped to us by air freight, and we can ship them on, or they may
be picked up at The Roadster Factory.
Sub-assemblies are available on special order from British Motor Heritage,
and they are scheduled for building along with body shells. Therefore advance
planning is necessary, as it is likely to take several months for delivery.
Sub-assemblies may not be cancelled once they are ordered, and a deposit of
25% must be placed at the time of order. The place to start is with an inquiry,
and before we accept your order, we will get the cost from British Motor
Heritage and an estimated date of delivery.
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