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Web Site Special from The Roadster Factory
Layout and Illustration by Karen Border
This catalogue contains listings for many of the electrical switches and manual
controls fitted to models serviced by The Roadster Factory other than TR7, TR8.  This
reference has been compiled from various other catalogues with specific sections added
from time to time.  The result is a useful listing, but it is not particularly well organized,
and it is our hope that the new "navigation links" provided on the cover page will make
it easier to use and to find specific parts needed, as it is readily apparent what parts
sections are included for each model range.
Being able to depend on switches and controls is critical to the safe driving and
enjoyment of our British sports cars, and TRF always supplies the best components we
can find to stock and sell.  Some British switches, needless to say, suffer from
idiosyncrasies unlikely to be tolerated by drivers of modern utilitarian vehicles, although
modern manufacturers have many problems of their own.  I remember one night, when a
light switch failed on my daughter’s MGB, and we had to drive it sixty miles home from
Pittsburgh with my finger stuck inside the failed switch to encourage it to make contact.
All of us have similar stories regarding our interaction with British electrical
systems. But at least, we can understand what is going on when there is a problem, and
it is unlikely that anyone familiar with British cars would be involved in a car crash
because of a sticking accelerator pedal or a failed steering column lock.  Or an exploding
air bag, as those monstrosities never appeared in the Triumphs and MGs we know and
love.  I have never liked the trend toward one switch handling too many different
functions.  Many British cars do not even have interior "courtesy" lights.  A TR3 driver
enters the car and finds all of the controls easily to hand and logically placed.  I like to
think that we British car owners are more resourceful and better able to handle small and
large emergencies than members of the general population without much in the way of
government intervention.   We got this way by interacting with our individualistic cars
rather like an accomplished musician learning to get the most out of an individual
Thank you for visiting the TRF web site again this week.  Please take the time to
look over this Web Site Special and other promotions while you are here.  With the new
navigation links added to more files each week, you may find it easier than ever to find
the parts you are looking for.
Charles A. Runyan
The Roadster Factory
March 15, 2017

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