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TRF Reserves The Right to Limit Quantities in this Web Special
Web Site Special from The Roadster Factory
This week’s Web Site Special focuses on body hardware and fittings of all kinds.
We know that good workmanship requires correct fittings if the finished jobs are meant to
reach a high standard.  Attending car shows around the country over many years, I have
seen cars spoiled and concours prizes lost by enthusiasts who didn’t know what was
original.  As the years pass, the situation is getting worse, as fewer original cars exist for
study, and younger enthusiasts cannot be expected to remember something they have never
seen.  This is one reason for clubs to exist—to produce specifications, to judge cars, and to
instruct novice enthusiasts.  Parts companies such as TRF can also make a contribution by
writing authoritative catalogues and by choosing to sell the best components available.
At TRF, we have decades of experience with the cars we service, and we have restored
original but worn out cars.  To aid us in arranging to manufacture and purchase correct
parts, we have saved new and used original parts for comparison.  It is difficult to keep all
of these parts organized, but whenever we have any part manufactured for us, we always
start with new or used samples of the original component.
TRF has always prided itself in stocking and arranging to have the correct components
manufactured for all applications, including nuts, bolts, and washers.  For instance, we
stock approximately one-hundred different flat washers so that we have the correct washer
for every application.  The engineers at Triumph and MG used specific washers with
specified inside diameters, outside diameters, and thicknesses all chosen for each
application.  In some cases, it may be dangerous to substitute generic hardware, although it
is commonly listed by some vendors without regard to original specifications.
I have priced all of the parts listed in this Web Site Special with the idea of making
them competitive, very competitive, with prices offered by other vendors.  Only once in a
while is this not possible, as our stock may have cost much more than another vendor’s
parts.  However, it is rare that I am not able to offer a competitive sale price.
Thank you for coming to TRF’s web site again this week.  I appreciate the fact that
you have visited my web site and found this listing of parts.  I sincerely hope that you
enjoy looking it over, and I will be pleased if you find something to order.
Charles A. Runyan
The Roadster Factory
May 29, 2018

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