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Generally, we offer this sale twice each year to TRF customers, once in the spring and once in
the fall, and we sell many more harnesses in the fall than in the spring.  I imagine this is because
customers prefer to buy in the fall for installation during the winter months when cars are off the
road in some parts of the country.
As stated on the title page, a new harness can solve a multitude of electrical problems caused by
poor grounds, burned wires, corrosion, failed insulation, missing connectors, and other defects,
including amateur rewiring and outright butchering by previous owners.
When replacing a harness, it is a good idea to keep the old harness as intact as possible and then
to match up the new harness to the old one.  The listings for harnesses are sometimes complicated,
and it is possible to order or to receive an incorrect harness.  If that should happen, TRF staff will
work with you to quickly clear up any problems.  Modifying a harness is a last resort, and you
should never do so until you know that this is the only alternative.  When removing the old harness,
be careful to note how it was routed, where it passes through holes in the body, etc.  Taking photos
or making sketches may be of use here.  Note that you should install all rubber grommets along with
the harness—otherwise, you will have to cut the grommets...
Wiring harnesses are expensive and getting more expensive every year, and TRF will not choose
lower quality harnesses in order to offer lower prices.  I’ve never made a complicated harness
myself, although I have made various supplementary leads.  I have considered it several times, but
I am sure that the job would be time consuming and difficult with the many variables involved.
I don’t think anyone would get very far before realizing the cost-effectiveness of a factory-produced
harness with colour-coded wires and correct terminals installed.
During the winter of 2015, a new custom wiring harness was manufactured for TRF’s Triumph
TRS LeMans Racing Car which is currently under restoration.  The harness produced was a thing
of beauty with all wires colour coded as original and all work very neatly done.  That harness is
probably not any more complicated than a late TR6 harness would be, but as a custom-made
harness, it cost several times the cost of the TR6 harnesses listed herein.  It is now in the car, and
the professional level of the installation is very high.
Thank you for visiting my web site again this week.  I hope you enjoy looking over the listings
for the wiring harnesses.  Karen Border is responsible for most of the illustrations showing the
wiring installation in ghosted body shells.  This idea came from some of the later Leyland parts
catalogues.  In addition to the harnesses themselves, the electrical manuals on MGB and TR6 are
very worthwhile.
Charles A. Runyan
The Roadster Factory
October 8, 2018

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