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Most summers, The Roadster Factory publishes or posts a
Summer Sale Catalogue similar to this one.  This one is a repost of
last year's huge paper catalogue with a number of edits and
completely refigured pricing.  We are keeping last year's catalogue,
as it was a very good one produced from scratch just a year ago.
The fact that we still have a pallet of paper catalogues in the
warehouse is another factor, as it would be shame to waste a ton of
paper.  Customers may use their old catalogues for reference if they
want a paper catalogue, or they may request one of those still in
stock here if last year's copy has been mislaid or discarded.  Current
pricing is found in the version now posted on the web site, and every
part listed will also have the sale pricing in any other online
This sale catalogue lists many parts manufactured by The
Roadster Factory and others which meet our approval manufactured
by our friends in the U.S., England, and Europe from which we have
access to parts of interest to our customers.  Some of the listings may
be regarded as news articles, letting customers know about the
availability and quality of parts listed.
Nearly every part listed is in stock at the time of writing this new
introduction, many in large quantities, as our manufacturing runs are
very large.  The few parts which are not in stock have been ordered
and should be on their way, many in weekly air freight shipments
from England and Europe.  Thus virtually all parts will be in stock
all summer long or available in a week or ten days.  Most parts
manufactured by The Magic Carpet Factory and Robbins Auto Top
Company are made for each order, and they will take two to four
weeks, sometimes a little longer from Robbins.
The pricing in this catalogue was refigured entirely from scratch,
and thus there is no pattern to how this year's pricing compares to
last year's.  Some prices are lower, some are a little higher and many
are the same within a few cents, because of the way we code sale
pricing.  This year's sale prices end in double zeroes as in $29.00.
Double zeroes can also indicate not-discountable parts.  In the case
of non-discountable parts, both the "List Price" and the "Sale
Price" will end in double zeroes, and both prices will be the same,
as in $599.00 and $599.00.  There are only a few non-discountable
parts in this catalogue, and they are non-discountable, as the
selling price is too close to the cost price to allow a discount.  In
general, the prices listed in this catalogue are lower than prices
offered by other vendors for similar parts.  That is why it is called
a "Sale Catalogue.
This catalogue is not a single-model catalogue with
comprehensive listings for any one model.  It is divided into
sections relating to catalogue "Chapters," but coverage for any one
model is random.  Finding items of interest is fairly easy by using
the "Navigation Page," but I suggest at least a quick scan through
the catalogue to form a mental picture of what is listed here.  Once
you have the general picture, you will be able to quickly navigate
the catalogue using the Navigation Page or the drop-down index at
the top of each web page.
I hope that you will enjoy using this sale catalogue, and that
you return to it All Summer Long as you select parts for repairs or
restoration of your Triumph or MGB sports car.  Thank you for
any orders that you choose to send to The Roadster Factory.
Charles A. Runyan
The Roadster Factory
July 22, 2017

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