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Herman van der Aker
Don Elliot, and TRusty
Russ Seto
At my age, I am experiencing the loss of a number of friends and
acquaintances and family members.  I always take the loss of a friend
or a customer to heart.  I do not forget, and a number of the photos in
this catalogue are of friends who have passed on.
This has been a sad year of loss in the British car hobby, and the
three whose photos are included here are only a few of those lost.
Herman van den Aker, Don Elliott, and Russ Seto were all personal
friends, and one was a TRF investor.  These are only a few of those
lost to us this year, and I mourn them all and pray for them.
Think of these friends when you encounter their photos, and keep
them alive in your memory and in your prayers.  Send photos if you
have them for inclusion next time...

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