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TRF staff, particularly Karen Border and me with help from
Dolly LaRock and others have been working on this catalogue
for most of 2018, and we are posting it on the web site at this
time.  I plan to read it carefully one more time before the printed
copy is published, and I request that users will please let us
know if they find errors that should be corrected.
This "Shopping Guide" is a sale catalogue rather than a
complete catalogue for any model.  It does include a very large
number of popular parts, however.  Most of these are  illustrated
with drawings or photographs, and the catalogue is divided into
sections designed to make it relatively easy to use.  The web
version has a two-level navigation system which lists every topic
in a classified format.  The printed version will include an
alphabetical index.
The TRF catalogue format used here provides space for
written introductions to most parts sections to give some
background on the parts listed.  In some of these "intros," I have
included results of my research and thinking on specific
When I was well into the work of compiling this catalogue, I
had the idea of using customer photographs to illustrate it.  I will
agree that I have been only partially successful in this regard, but
we have made a good start.  If customers will keep the need for
photos in mind as they work on their cars throughout the year,
they may come up with pertinent photos for every catalogue
section to include next time.  We have a system for preserving
all photos received by email, and we can make use of the new
ones received for the next edition of this publication.
I do mean to republish new editions of this catalogue at least
once each year in future.  In addition to adding customer photos,
I plan to add many more parts sections to cover car models more
Thank you for using this catalogue, for pointing out errors,
and for making suggestions for improvement.  Please stay in
touch.  One of the goals of publishing this catalogue is to
preserve memories and knowledge for use by all enthusiasts.
Charles A. Runyan
The Roadster Factory
July 26, 2018
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