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Just for your personal amusement, here is a picture of Bill Coloric working on
Bill Lynn's TR2 engine while wearing short shorts!
Bill Lynn rebuilding the 1954 TR2 (TS 2224LO) motor back in 1986. Used lots
of TRF parts, particularly new pistons and liner set, tappets, cam bearing, etc.
Car went on to win 2 Best of Show trophies and 1st Pl. Concours at many
VTR conventions. Still the same engine today with just over 15,000 miles on it.
The Ken Richardson Challenge is a VTR event.  The Challenge was
issued by Ken Richardson in the late 1980s.  He was instrumental in the
development of the TR2 and TR3 sports cars, and he challenged owners of
these models to compete with each other annually at the national convention.
Winners score well in both concours and driving events with emphasis on
driving, particularly autocross, as Ken was the manager of the Triumph
Competition Department when the company brought home the team prize
from LeMans in 1961.  In fact, the Challenge Trophy is the Georges Durand
Cup, which was the trophy awarded to Triumph that year.
The Challenge is run only once each year, and some competitors have
won it more than one time.  Shelly Sackstein has won it three times, Brad
Lynn has won it twice in the same car that his father, Bill drove to win in
1990.  Members of the Chuck McGuire Family of Des Moines, Iowa have
won it five times.  Three women have won it over the years, and two of them
were McGuires.  If you are a TR2 or TR3 enthusiast, you are eligible to take
on the Challenge.  Join the VTR, and go for it—other winners, please send
photos to include next time...
Bill Lynn and Ken Richardson in Boulder Colorado in 1990. Bill had won the
Georges Durand Cup aka The Ken Richardson Challenge Trophy.

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