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The Roadster Factory Micro Catalogue · November 7th, 2018 - January 15th, 2019
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The Roadster Factory has stocked and sold Wizard-brand alloy radiators for more than
ten years.  The first thing you notice about a Wizard radiator is that it is quite beautiful.
High quality is obvious and the craftsmanship is evident.  Wizard alloy radiators look like
something out of a grand prix racing car.  The second thing you notice is the amazingly
light weight.  You can easily pick up a Wizard radiator with one hand and hold it out
straight from the shoulder.
In the past, The Roadster Factory has carried Wizard radiators for the TR2 through TR6
range of cars.  Recently, we have added TR7, TR8, Spitfire, GT6, Triumph Stag, and MGB,
giving most of our customers access to Wizard radiators.
Years ago, most Wizard radiators were purchased for race cars.  Now, as original
radiators are developing more age-related problems, many customers are purchasing these
superior radiators for use in their road cars.
Wizard radiators are manufactured in the U.S., and TRF generally drop-ships them
direct from the manufacturer to our customers.  Even when a given radiator is not in stock
when you place your order, Wizard manufactures one in a couple of days.  You don’t need
to worry that your radiator was previously purchased by another customer and then
returned.  All radiators shipped to customers are factory fresh.
Note that some radiators are available with integral electric cooling fans.  These will add
cooling power for racing or high-performance road cars.  Radiators with electric cooling
fans are designed together to provide an unbeatable cooling package.  Designs are well-
thought out to make adding an electric cooling fan simple and effective.
We consider that many of our customers would like to receive a Wizard radiator as a
Christmas gift.  If you choose a Wizard radiator for Christmas giving, you will be giving an
item which is the best of its kind.  No doubt, some of you will purchase Wizard radiators to
give to yourself.  There is no shame in purchasing a gift for yourself as long as you also
shop carefully for the gifts you give to others on Christmas.
Charles A. Runyan
The Roadster Factory
November 6, 2018

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