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Special Pricing In Effect December 1st Through December 14, 2017 Last Orders By 8 00 A M On Friday, December 15th Middot Middot Customer Investment Program Inertia-reel Seat Belts With Stalk Latching Inertia-reel Seat Belts With Alternative Stalk Latching Static-style Three Point Seat Belts
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The Roadster Factory Micro Catalogue · December 1st Through December 15th, 2017
© Copyright, The Roadster Factory
The safety belts offered here are good quality products made in USA, but
they are not the original belts supplied with the cars when they were new.  If
original belts were available, we would be offering them.  Some of the ones we
sell are similar in look and function to late original belts.
All of TRF’s safety belts come in black and colours to match Triumph and
MG interior colours.
The belts with "stalk" latching are most like the ones originally fitted to TR6,
late MGB, TR7, and TR8.  Belts with a stalk of alternative design are also listed
for models which benefit from this set-up.  Three-point "static" belts are the
most economical, but there is more fiddling with getting them latched than with
the "stalk" type of belts.
TRF sells a lot of belts, more over the past year than ever before.  I assume
this is because original belts are wearing out, and customers are looking for
alternatives.  Although they are not identical to original factory belts, I believe
the ones listed will fill most customers’ needs.
Special sale prices are offered on safety belt kits during the life of this micro
catalogue to give customers a little price break, actually about 20%, on belt
purchases for Christmas giving.
If you are in the market for new safety belts, I hope that you will find what
you are looking for in this catalogue...
Charles A. Runyan
The Roadster Factory
November 29, 2017

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