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The regalia items listed here are available
only to TRF Car Club members...
Part No.
List Price
Your Price
Coffee or Tea Mug,
TRF Car Club logo,
blue and red on white
all cotton heavy-weight T-shirt with  
car club logo in red and blue on white; please
state size required, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXL
License Plate,
TRF Car Club
Support The Roadster Factory So That We Can Arrange
to Have More Parts Manufactured for Our Customers·
Ten percent discount on parts purchases. Offer not valid on Sale Prices.
Receive $25.00 Coupon every month—good as cash on any order valued at
$75.00 or more.
Receive a special monthly offer in addition to the above benefits.
Membership card and tool box sticker.
Right to purchase club regalia, including T-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball
caps, mugs, car badges and patches.
Get this year's dues back in the form of a parts credit from The Roadster
Factory when you renew your membership next year.
It costs $100.00 to join TRF Car Club, but when you renew for the
second year, you automatically receive a parts credit in the amount of
$100.00.  This credit for dues continues year after year as long as you
continue to renew on time.  This credit must be used for parts purchases,
it is not transferable or refundable, and it is forfeited when a membership is
allowed to lapse  Who doesn't spend $100.00 on parts each year for his or
her sports car?
In case you didn't do the math, you will receive $300.00 in monthly
Coupons in return for your $100.00 investment during the first year of your
membership.  During the second year and each succeeding year, you will
receive a permanent parts credit of $100.00 plus $300.00 in monthly
coupons in return for your investment of $100.00.
The real benefit of TRF Car Club to The Roadster Factory is the
promotion of customer loyalty.  The Roadster Factory works very hard to
continue the availability of Triumph and MG components by having every
item that looks like a valid project manufactured for us.  Looking at this
effort as a mutual enterprise involving both the company and its customers
creates a powerful partnership for getting things done.  You get a lot of
benefit from joining TRF Car Club, but the best benefit of all is helping to
support the future of the car models you love.
You can join TRF Car Club by phone, by fax, by mail, or on-line.
When joining on-line, order part no.
at a cost of
$100.00.  The shipping charge that is automatically added to all orders by
the our system will be disregarded when your membership is processed.

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