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This "Featured Model Sale Catalogue" for Triumph TR250
and TR6 sports cars is one of our most popular catalogues.  Some
additions and changes have been made to the parts listings, and
prices have changed minimally.  The sale prices are very keen,
and it is unlikely that you will find the same parts listed for less
anywhere.  All parts are absolutely "First Quality," and we are
proud to sell them, as you will be proud to use them on your
Triumph.  For this you have our pledge...
The Roadster Factory has arranged to have many parts
manufactured esclusively for us and we have been distributing
parts for TR250 and TR6 models longer than any other national-
level vendor in the U.S.  TRF has published many catalogues for
these models over the years, and some of them have become
collector's items, selling second-hand on the internet.  Our
company has been a major parts distributor for over forty-one
years, and we have shown immeasurable devotion to the TR250
and TR6 sports cars.
Although the listing of parts included here is only a fraction
of the parts currently available for TR250 and TR6 models, even
this list is quite long.  Therefore, we have divided the present
listing into sections, and any of these sections can be accessed
easily using the "Navigation" links found on the "cover" page.
Hopefully, this system of links will make it easier to find sale
items which you may require for current repairs or restoration
plans.  A new section has been appended at the end on TR250
inner and outer fenders, front and rear.
The TR250, TR5, and TR6 enthusiasts worldwide have
responded to The Roadster Factory's dedication to the models
they drive and maintain.  This response has created a wonderful
partnership which allows TRF to have many parts manufactured
for us, some of them rather obscure, always with the confidence
that they can be sold.  In fact, we have come to believe that
nearly any part on these cars is worth replicating, with money
and time being the only limitations.
A large portion of the components listed in this catalogue has
been manufactured specifically for The Roadster Factory, and it
is because we control the sources that we can offer so many first-
quality parts at dramatically discounted pricing several times
each year.
This extensive sale catalogue has been posted on the web site
to aid customers in purchasing parts to improve or repair their
cars during the summer driving months.  Please use it in
conjunction with The Roadster Factory's other catalogues for
TR250 and TR6.  These include the TR250, TR6 Glove Box
Companion, the two-volume TR6 Spare Parts Catalogue and
Engineering Assembly Manual, posted on the web site, and the
TR250 Spare Parts Catalogue, still available in paper at a cost of
$10.00.  All web catalogues are easily accessible from the TRF
home page, and sale prices in one catalogue always show up in
the other catalogues as well.
Charles A. Runyan
The Roadster Factory

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