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Baker's Dozen - September 15th through 18th, 2017
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The Roadster Factory Baker’s Dozen  ·
September 15th Through September 22nd, 2017
So...we come to the end of another season of "Baker’s Dozen."  I really enjoy
compiling these, and I think I have been successful so far this season in
achieving my goals.  To choose popular parts that can be offered at half-off list
price without actually losing money.  Further, I try not to repeat the same parts
very often during the season, as another of my goals is to attract customers to the
TRF web site every week.  If I offered the same parts every week, that would be
pretty boring.  Actually, the ultimate would be to list a given part only once in
each season.
Because of the problem of finding a list of parts every week that can be
offered at half-off list without losing money and without repeating very often,
Baker’s Dozen can have only a limited season each summer, and I have decided
that the season has now come to an end.  With the beginning of autumn next
week and with my own ten-day trip to attend Triumphest in Flagstaff, now is a
good time to end the season.
To mark the occasion of the last issue of the season, I have produced another
double issue with twenty-six catalogue sections rather than the usual thirteen.  I
keep remembering the good success achieved with the double issue posted over
the Labor Day Weekend, and it is with a desire to repeat that success that I have
produced another double issue now.
Thank you for buying from "Baker’s Dozen" here in the summer of 2017.  It
is possible that I shall do a collected edition later in the autumn, but surely
"Baker’s Dozen will be back again next tear.
Charles A. Runyan
The Roadster Factory
September 13, 2017

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