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LEVEL 2 SALES: 800-234-1104 · LEVEL 1 SALES: 800-678-8764 · FAX: 814-446-6729 ·
This Featured Model Sale Catalogue for Triumph TR2 and
TR3sports cars is updated and reposted a few times each year.  A
good bit of editing was done, including the addition of the page at
the end, listing a new range of body sheet metal components
produced on new tooling by a German company.  New components
appear every few months, and eventually nearly everything will be
available. Front and rear fenders are now available.  As time goes
on, it will be possible to restore virtually any TR2 or TR3 model
dragged from a field or barn.  This is one of the most exciting
developments in the world of TR2 and TR3 restoration in many
Special sale prices are provided for most parts listed in this
catalogue, and it is unlikely you will find the same parts listed
anywhere else for less.  All parts listed are absolutely first quality,
which means that we are proud to sell them, and you will feel good
about fitting them to your car.  For this you have our pledge.
The Roadster Factory was founded in June 1978 as a supplier
of spare parts for Triumph TR2 and TR3 sports cars, and we have
been distributing parts for these models ever since, longer than any
other national-level supplier in the U.S.  We have been doing this
work for over forty-one years, and our quest to maintain
availability of parts for the cars we love has been the adventure of a
lifetime for me, for my family, and for other members of The
Roadster Factory's staff.
TR2 and TR3 enthusiasts have responded to The Roadster
Factory's dedication to the models they drive, restore, and
maintain.  This response has created a wonderful partnership which
allows TRF to have large numbers of parts manufactured with the
confidence that they can be sold.  In fact, it has been our opinion for
years that any part on these cars is worth replicating, with money
and time being the only limiting factors.
A large number of the listings in this catalogue have been
manufactured specifically for The Roadster Factory, and in many
cases, our parts are not the same ones available from other vendors.
When we get parts manufactured, it is our intention that the finished
products should function as original while maintaining an original
appearance.  Thus, our suspension components, for instance,
provide a perfectly original appearance to anyone looking under the
car.  Because we control the sources of so many components, we
can impose our own standards of quality rather than merely
accepting whatever other manufacturers might be making available
to the market place.  And since we purchase in high volume, we are
able to control cost prices as well in many cases, although higher
quality does often cost more money.  All of these factors together
allow us to provide dramatic discounts a few times each year in this
"Featured Model Sale Catalogue."
Charles A. Runyan
The Roadster Factory

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