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At the beginning of 2015, The Magic Carpet was acquired by The Roadster Factory
and the entire operation has been moved to TRF.  Long-time MCF employee Brenda
Shields is the manager of the new Magic Carpet Factory at TRF.
The carpet sets listed on the following pages are all manufactured by The Magic
Factory to original specifications using materials that are as close to original as possible.
Carpet sets from The Magic Carpet Factory can be found on concours level cars at
shows throughout the country.
The Roadster Factory offers carpet sets for TR2 and TR3 in materials to match those
out of which Triumph manufactured the carpet sets when the cars were new.
The TR2, TR3, and TR3A models up through commission number TS35350 were
originally supplied with Wilton wool carpet.  Rayon loop, not nylon, was then used for
the rest of the TR3A production run.  For the TR3B, rayon loop continued, but only in
charcoal grey regardless of interior colour. For concours purposes, this is what you will
want to have.  You will note that we do offer this latest pattern in Wilton wool for those
who wish to have it.
In addition, TRF offers all carpet sets in tufted material, even though tufted nylon
wasn't used by Triumph until 1973 in the TR6.  Tufted nylon is less expensive than
wool, but has a similar texture.
Three different carpet patterns were used during production of the TR2, TR3, and
TR3A.  The earliest pattern was used for TR2 and TR3 from 1954 to 1957.  At the
beginning of the TR3A in 1958, at commission number TS22014, a different, more
simplified pattern was used, initially in Wilton wool and later in rayon loop.  At
commission number TS60000, when the body tools were changed, a third pattern came
into being.  This third pattern was for the cars having a flat shelf behind the seats.
Many interior shops across the country have commented about how much they like
carpet sets from The Magic Carpet Factory, and how easy they are to fit to cars.  There
are good reasons for this.  Patterns were carefully developed from original carpet pieces
taken from original cars.  Care was taken to insure that every detail, indeed every stitch,
of the original carpet sets was accounted for in the patterns.  New carpet sets were then
manufactured and refitted to the original cars, and the pieces were adapted to insure that
the fit was perfect.  Fibreboard backing boards were manufactured for kick panel
carpets, as were half-moon rubber protection pads and rubber heel mats.  Gearshift and
handbrake boot grommets were duplicated, and they are hand-tailored onto every carpet
set manufactured.  In the final analysis, carpet sets from The Magic Carpet Factory
include more original details than you get at virtually any interior shop.
Customer colour choices are available to match any interior colour scheme, and
virtually any binding colour can be used on any carpet colour. Carpet sets manufactured
by The Magic Carpet Factory offer customers the choices they would have at a fine
custom trim shop at off-the-shelf prices.