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Level 1 Sales: (800) 678-8764 · Level 2 Sales (800) 234-1104
TRF Investors Earn Forty Percent Overall on Five-Year Loans
“Low-Risk Investment with Dependable Yield"
The Roadster Factory's Customer Investment Program is now in its fourteenth
year, and more than two-hundred investors receive checks from TRF every month.
The stock market goes up and down, but TRF investors receive a reliable return on
their money, and they also receive the full amount of the original loan principal back
at the end of five years.  Many investors have reinvested their money or loaned
additional amounts as their loans mature.  The Roadster Factory uses the money
loaned to us by our investors to develop our inventory of fast-moving parts and to
manufacture parts no longer available from original sources.  The benefits of having
this cash available to our business allows us to provide a lucrative interest rate of
eight percent per year to our investors.
If you have some extra cash that you want to invest for five years at a favourable
interest rate, you may want to consider an investment loan to The Roadster Factory.
You can invest any amount, starting at $1,000.00, for five years at an annual interest
rate of 8%.  If you invest $15,000.00, you will earn $1,200.00 each year on the
money you loan, and you will receive a check from TRF each month in the amount of
$100.00.  This will continue for sixty months, and just after the fifth anniversary of
your loan, you will receive a check for the full amount of the original loan principal.
In the case of our example, this would be $15,000.00, and you would have made
$6,000.00 or 40% on your investment over five years.
Investment loans are unsecured personal loans to Charles A. Runyan, doing
business as The Roadster Factory.  The Roadster Factory is a sole proprietorship,
owned completely by Charles Runyan and operated successfully since 1978.
Although a small company, The Roadster Factory has been a market leader in the
classic British car parts market for a long time, and it is known world-wide for its
standards of quality, customer service, and commitment to the hobby that it supports.
Loans are documented on a lawyer-produced loan note, and insurance on the life of
Charles Runyan is in place to cover the outstanding balance of all loans in effect at
any given time so that they may be repaid in the event of Charles Runyan's untimely
A special benefit is offered to investors loaning $5,000.00 or more.  This is an
employee discount of 33% off "List Prices" on a large number of components handled
by The Roadster Factory.  Note that, because of changes in the British parts industry
over the past few years, there are several product groups on which this discount no
longer applies.  For this reason, the current discount on engines gearboxes, rear axles,
etc. rebuilt by C.A.R. Components is 10% off selling prices.  However, the 33%
discount off list prices does apply on more than 90% of the TRF parts inventory, and
this is an important benefit to investors working on major restoration projects.  Note
that this parts discount is offered only on parts for personal use and not on parts for
If you have an interest in TRF's Customer Investment Program, please give us a
call and speak with Deb Gawlas, Director of Operations, at 814-446-4423, Extension
3021.  Deb will answer any questions that you may want to discuss on the phone, and
she will send to you a full description of the program along with a sample copy of the
loan document.  Note that this opportunity for investment loans is offered only to
individuals with a proven relationship to the company and its proprietor, i.e.

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