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MGB Glove Box Companion
Drag Racing
LeMans Start Contest
Nice shot of The Coventry Inn
with cars and participants.
As Summer Party 2005 was really one of the best summer parties ever, we
at TRF expect a slightly bigger turnout in 2006--note that we had a few more
than 300 cars last year. If you have fun running your car and socializing with
other British car enthusiasts, you will have a great time at Summer Party, and
we cordially invite you to attend. We will do some planning in the coming
weeks, and a Summer Party Registration Form will be sent out with orders and
displayed on the web site. If you were on The Roadster Factory mailing list
during autumn 2005, you received our publication entititled, "Web Specials,
Series Two: Collected Edition." This publication included many photos from
Summer Party 2005. We are including a few photos here, but space is limited.
You will find others on our web site. Everyone at TRF looks forward to seeing
you at Summer Party this year...
Charles Runyan talking with Don
Reynolds who drove from
Cassleberry, FL to TRF via Alaska...

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