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The Roadster Factory
The Roadster
Factory Summer Party is
held most every year in
August. In 2006, the
party will be held on
Thursday, Friday, and
Saturday--August 10th,
11th, and 12th. The cost
of an adult registration is
just $75.00, and it
includes all events,
entertainment, seminars,
etc. The exact plan is
yet to be decided, but
typical events include
drag racing, autocross,
gymkhana, TSD rallye, poker rallyes, participants' choice car show, seminars,
movies, valve cover racing, flea market, TRF parts tent, time for socializing,
and much more...
We skipped a year in 2004 for the first time in some fifteen years. We also
simplified Summer Party for 2005, eliminating the big food event. This
allowed us to lower the cost of registrations, and it allowed TRF staff, and
particularly Charles, to concentrate on running other events, to spend more time
talking with participants, and to have some fun ourselves at Summer Party.
The result was a smaller and more intimate Summer Party which was more fun,
we believe, for everyone who attended. Weather was good in 2005, except for
the last moments of the car show on Saturday night. Threatened rain moved
the awards presentation inside The Coventry Inn, where conditions were
crowded but friendly. Everyone brought wine to The Coventry Inn, and
Charles supplied cheese, crackers, bread, fruit, olives, and salami. The result
was a fun evening in spite of the rain.
Some of the many MG's in the Concours d' Elegance.
The Crimson
Classics Red Hat
Society poses with
a red MGB...

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