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The Roadster Factory's Customer Investment Program is into its fifth year,
and more than one-hundred investors receive checks from us around the tenth of
each month. The stock market goes up and down, and bank CD's pay hardly
anything, but TRF investors still receive a good return on their money month
after month. A number of investors have made second investments, and a few
have invested three or four times.
The Roadster Factory uses the money loaned to us by our investors to develop
our inventory of fast moving parts and to manufacture parts no longer available
from original sources. The benefits of having this cash available to our business
allows us to provide a lucrative fixed interest rate of 10% to our investors, a rate
that has been in effect for all investments made since January 19, 2002.
If you have some extra cash that you want to invest for five years at a very
favourable interest rate, you may want to consider an investment loan to The
Roadster Factory. You can invest any amount, starting at $1,000.00 for five
years at an annual interest rate of 10% If you invest $12,000.00, you will earn
$1,200.00 each year on the money you loan, and you will receive a check from
TRF each month in the amount of $100.00. This will continue for sixty months,
and on the fifth anniversary of your loan, you will receive a check for the full
amount of your original principal. In the case of our example, this would be
$12,000.00, and you will have made $6,000.00 or 50% on your investment over
five years.
Investment loans are unsecured personal loans to Charles A. Runyan, doing
business as The Roadster Factory. The Roadster Factory is a sole
proprietorship, owned completely by Charles Runyan and operated successfully
for more than twenty-six years. Although a small company, The Roadster
Factory has been a market leader in classic British car parts, and it is known
world-wide for its standards of quality, customer service, and commitment to the
hobby that it supports. Loans are documented by a lawyer-produced loan note,
and insurance is carried on the life Charles Runyan in an amount sufficient to
cover all outstanding loan balances in the event of Charles Runyan's untimely
A special benefit is offered to investors loaning $5,000.00 or more. This is an
employee's discount on parts purchases. This discount amounts to 33% off retail
prices of all parts for which TRF has a margin of at least 33%. This discount
applies to most parts in TRF's inventory, making our program attractive to some
investors who are working on major restoration projects. Note that the parts
discount is offered only on parts for personal use and not for resale.
If you have an interest in TRF's Customer Investment Program, please give
us a call and speak with either Charles Runyan, Proprietor, or Deb Gawlas,
Director of Operations. Either Charles or Deb will answer any questions that
you may want to discuss on the phone, and they will send to you a full
description of the program and a sample copy of the loan document. Note that
this opportunity for investment loans is offered only to individuals with a
proven relationship to the company and to its proprietor, i.e. long-term
customers and friends...
Customer Investment Program
TRF Investors Earn a Solid Ten Percent Every Year on Five-Year Loans

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