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2018 Christmas Catalogue
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Little Christmas Book, 2018
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The entire Triumph world has been excited this year about the restoration by Glen
Hewitt of Protek Engineering of the early TR2 prototype with UK registration number
MCV 575.  This car is probably the most significant of all Triumphs, as it was driven in a
test in May 1953 on the Jabbeke Highway in Belgium, a section of post-war European
roadway where many models were taken for speed tests.
This was an especially prepared TR2, designed for the best possible performance with
a cut-down windscreen, a metal cockpit cover, rear wheel spats, and an undershield, all to
minimize wind resistance.  The car was driven in the test by Ken Richardson, himself, one
of the engineers responsible for the car's development.  Richardson sat as low as possible in
the car on a modified seat, also to minimize wind resistance, and in one of the runs, a speed
of 124.889 M.P.H. was achieved, a significant speed since the Jaguar model of the day was
the XK120, a designation which referred to a top speed of 120 M.P.H.  So, here was a car
with an MG sort of price tag achieving Jaguar performance...
In the 1980s, the remains of MCV 575 was acquired by John Ames, and for many
years, it was stored in a locked garage near Heathrow Airport.  John Ames deserves credit
for recognizing the value of the run-down wreck which he preserved at considerable
personal sacrifice until it was passed on to Glen Hewitt, who restored the car to a high level
in a remarkably short length of time.  This year, the completed restoration has received
considerable acclaim, as it was displayed at the RAC Club, and it was voted "restoration of
the year" by the readers of Octane Magazine.
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The MCV 575  Badge
Ken Richardson Behind the Wheel
The Restored MCV 575 on Display at the RAC Club

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