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2018 Christmas Catalogue
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“Offer Good Till December 31, 2018”
Save 5% to 10% Now and Save Morer Later by Using Your Gift
Certificate during Sales and Web Site Specials
All Customers and Gift Givers
Buy a Gift Certificate in Any Denomination—
If You Purchase a Gift Certificate Valued at $100.00 to $500, It Will Be
Discounted by 5%
If You Purchase a Gift Certificate Valued at More than $500.00, It Will Be
Discounted by 8%
TRF Car Club Members...
Higher Discounts Are Available to You if You Pay by Check, as the Cost of
Credit Card Money Is Too High
If You Purchase a Gift Certificate Valued at $100 to $500 with a Check, Your
Gift Certificate Will Be Discounted by 8%
If You Purchase a Gift Certificate Valued at More than $500 with a Check, Your
Gift Certificate Will Be Discounted by 10%
TRF Gift Certificates have
been popular gifts for many years,
and we know that customers use
them up to their full value every
year.  The discounts offered allow
you to give a bigger gift
certificate without having to pay
the full amount.  If you are a TRF
Car Club Member, you can buy a
gift certificate at the same
discounts offered to all customers,
or you may receive a bigger
discount if you pay by check.
Gift Certificates paid by credit
cards cost us an additional 3% to 5%, and this cost had to be taken into account in
offering the higher discounts to TRF Car Club Members.  Yes, it is still all right to
buy yourself a gift certificate for Christmas...
Gift Certificates may be paid by cash, check, or credit cards, except as described
above.  The Roadster Factory charges no amounts for handling or shipping on gift
certificates, and you can have a gift certificate mailed to you as the giver or to the
lucky recipient.  Just tell your salesperson what you want, and your gift certificate
will be handled in exactly that way, including delivery by email if you wish.  A TRF
Gift Certificate always makes a perfect gift...
Discounted Gift Certificates may be used anytime after January 15, 2019.  They
may be used on parts orders placed by mail, phone, or fax or those placed online
simply by quoting the serial number found on the original gift certificate.  The
amount of each order will be subtracted until the value of the gift certificate is
completely used up.  Please note that cash refunds are not given on Gift
Little Christmas Book, 2018
© The Roadster Factory
Use this Link to Order Your Gift Certificate!

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