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2018 Christmas Catalogue
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Little Christmas Book, 2018
© The Roadster Factory
This little catalogue has been produced as a special treat for customer's and
their friends and families who wish to purchase hobby-related Christmas presents
for British car enthusiasts.  Listed are some traditional gifts and a number of high-
quality car parts that make great choices for gift giving.  Each item was chosen, as
we consider it to be the best of its kind...
In addition to specific gift ideas, TRF Gift Certificates are included, and
discounts in several levels are available on these.  Gift certificates are designed to
make gift giving easy.  Gift Certificates can be purchased in any denomination, and
we can mail them to either the purchaser or to the recipient.  If time gets short as
the holiday approaches, gift certificates can be ordered from TRF and delivered to
the lucky recipients by email.  Emailed gift certificates are handled by TRF's Art
Department to make them attractive and personal.  Discounted gift certificates
allow customers to maximize the money they have available for parts purchases.
Save money now on the gift certificate, and save even more by using it during sales
and promotions.
A traditional favourite gift among TRF customers is TRF "Car Nuts" Peanuts.
These are wonderful peanuts from the Carolinas, and we offer your money back if
you don't agree that they are the best peanuts you've ever tasted.  Look for these
on page 4.  TRF customers have enjoyed these for more than thirty years.
The Roadster Factory is famous for its T-shirt designs, and these are printed
locally by an accomplished screen printer with whom we have worked for many
years.  All designs are original, and they are produced by Karen Border in TRF's
Art Department.  To present our designs, we also use the best all-cotton
heavyweight T-shirts which last a long time and gain character with age.  For
Christmas, we have restocked our classic marque T-shirts in five colours for both
Triumph and MG.  These are listed in TRF's current sale catalogue titled, "The
TRF Shopping Guide, 2018-2019."  A new design is also available for Christmas.
It depicts an early Triumph marque badge which was carried by the Jabbeke TR2
Prototype when it set a speed record in May 1953.  Find this T-shirt listed on pages
5 and 6 of this Little Christmas Book...
There are more than thirty catalogue sections in this catalogue with each one
listing a special product of The Roadster Factory or a group of products.  As stated
above, every section was chosen, as it promotes an item which is the best of its
kind.  TRF water hoses.  Chromed handles, hinges, and mirrors.  Excellent
mechanical components such as TRF's fuel pumps, Renold brand timing chains,
and Timken wheel bearing kits.  Signature items such as original Triumph sun
visors, cloisonne badges, hand-made wood gearshift knobs, wire wheel hub
adaptors, Viton engine seals, Wizard alloy radiators, and much more.
The cover of this catalogue is a traditional TRF illustration last used in 2006
when Teddy Runyan and his nephew Rupert lived in the farm house, where they
enjoyed a traditional English Christmas. All of us here at TRF hope that you will
do the same, and we will do anything in our power to help to make it so...
Your friend,
Charles A. Runyan
The Roadster Factory
November 20, 2018

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